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Rock & Roll Symphony No. 1
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Rock & Roll Symphony No. 1
 (A 1959 Stereo Concert) 
      Complete 60s Records


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So what is a Rock & Roll Symphony anyway? Well, as David L. Miller, ’50s pop orchestral producer-extraordinaire wrote, it’s “Rock & Roll in the Sound of Magnificence!” This is the majesty of the symphony – but with a solid beat and in spectacular concert-hall STEREO to demonstrate your high-end system with real speakers (remember those?).

When rock and roll came along in the 1950s, the older generation panicked. What was this crazy new music that teenagers were listening to, they wondered, with its pounding beat and wild vocalists? Where was the melody? And where was the appreciation for the classics and pop standards?

A handful of bandleaders decided to take matters into their own hands. Instead of sitting idly by and watching their album sales dwindle while unschooled and unruly musicians scored on the hit parade with “awful” rock and roll records, these bandleaders set out to make better rock and roll. Rock and roll with real melodies!

Rock & Roll Symphony No. 1 chronicles their orchestral effort to save rock and roll from itself. These 28 thoughtfully selected and carefully mastered recordings, some classical, some familiar standards (“Blueberry Hill,” “My Prayer,” “Cry”) combine gorgeous lush orchestral pop arrangements with a real old-school rock & roll back beat, all in audiophile fidelity and the kind of “wide” stereo you remember from the early days.

This unique CD includes performances from six different orchestral artists ranging from the 101 Strings in their only rock & roll outing (their entire “Back Beat Symphony” album is here) to the iconic hit single in this genre, “Only You” by Franck Pourcel (in its worldwide Stereo Debut). Topped off by the highly sought-after “Soul Coaxing (Ame Caline)” by Raymond Lefevre, this collection of some of the greatest melodies ever written will have you wondering why this unique musical style lasted for only such a brief period in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

This special CD is brought to you by the same creative folks who lovingly compile and meticulously master those great Eric CDs in the States, so you can expect the same commitment to high-quality sound and attention to detail that is missing from so many reissue collections. Check out the SOUND SAMPLES below and hear their impressive work for yourself.

If you love orchestral instrumentals – or rock and roll – then explore this short-lived chapter in orchestral instrumental pop music with us! It just doesn’t get any grander than this!


Listen Track Title Artist
play 1. BACK BEAT SYMPHONY (from Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5) 101 Strings
play 2. SWINGIN’ AT IGORS (from Borodin: Prince Igor Theme) 101 Strings
play 3. ROMEO AND JULIET (from Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet Overture) 101 Strings
play 4. SHERABOP (from Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, 3rd Mvt.) 101 Strings
play 5. TWANGY SERENADE (from Schubert: Serenade) 101 Strings
play 6. RIGOLETTO ROCK (from Verdi: Rigoletto) 101 Strings
play 7. SWINGIN’ LITTLE MARTHA (from von Flatow: Aria in Martha) 101 Strings
play 8. CHOPPIN’ CHOPIN (from Chopin: Fantasie Impromptu) 101 Strings
play 9. NEW WORLD ROCK (from Dvorak: Largo, New World Symphony) 101 Strings
play 10. STRINGS AT THE HOP (from Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6) 101 Strings
play 11. BLUEBERRY HILL Enoch Light
play 13. Stereo DebutONLY YOU Franck Pourcel
play 14. MY PRAYER Knightsbridge Strings
play 15. SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES Enoch Light
play 16. DEEP PURPLE Enoch Light
play 17. HARBOR LIGHTS Enoch Light
play 18. I’LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN Enoch Light
play 19. YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU Knightsbridge Strings
play 20. CRY Knightsbridge Strings
play 21. THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUD THAT CRIED Knightsbridge Strings
play 22. I CRIED FOR YOU Enoch Light
play 23. ALL MY LOVE Enoch Light
play 24. I STILL GET A THRILL Enoch Light
play 25. HERE IN MY HEART Knightsbridge Strings
play 26. WHEEL OF FORTUNE Knightsbridge Strings
play 27. THE THEME FROM “A SUMMER PLACE” Percy Faith
play 28. SOUL COAXING (Ame Caline) Raymond Lefevre
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