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Hard To Find Jukebox Classics - 1964
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Hard To Find Jukebox Classics – 1964
 Rock, Rhythm & Pop 
Hit Parade Records      


Hit Parade CD #12315 (Import)         $15.98          Add to cart

When you recall what was happening in popular music in 1964, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? No matter how you answer that question, Hard To Find Jukebox Classics: 1964 has something for you.

Did you immediately think of the British Invasion? Treat yourself to the worldwide stereo debuts of The Animals’ “The House Of The Rising Sun” and Chad & Jeremy’s “Yesterday’s Gone.” Also, the definitive stereo mix of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want To Be With You” and hits by The Kinks, Herman’s Hermits (new stereo), and faux-British rockers The Chartbusters (“She’s The One”).

Maybe you thought of the girl-group sound? In that case, check out the stereo debuts of The Ronettes’ “Walking In The Rain” and Diane Renay’s “Navy Blue” alongside hits by Lesley Gore and The Paris Sisters.

Teen pop? Terry Stafford’s Top 3 hit “Suspicion” makes its stereo debut here. Rockabilly? Gene Simmons’ “Haunted House” also appears in first-time stereo. Soul music? How about Alvin Cash & The Crawlers’ “Twine Time” in brand-new stereo? Folk revival? Traditional pop? Blues? Doo-wop? You name it – it’s all here.

Or did you think of surf and hot-rod groups? If that’s your bag, enjoy the stereo debut of The Pyramids’ “Penetration” – as well as Ronny & The Daytona’s “G.T.O.” and The Ventures’ “Walk—Don’t Run ’64.”

For the dedicated singles collector, here are the CD debuts of the much-sought-after “Across The Street (Is A Million Miles Away)” by Ray Peterson and “High On A Hill” by Scott English.

There was a whole lot going on in 1964, and it’s all packed into Hard To Find Jukebox Classics: 1964.

Please note: these are only the true, original hit versions – a guarantee you’ll never get from download services like iTunes & Spotify. Hit Parade uses only the best sources, EQ and the correct speeds – every track was carefully compared to the original vinyl single. Two of the best reissue audio engineers in the field worked many hours to bring these to you in the absolute highest quality possible. But don’t take our word for it: just listen to the SOUND SAMPLES below. You won’t believe your ears!

Includes a 12-page booklet with complete song-by-song annotation and liner notes by Greg Adams. 1964 was a great year for music, and it has never sounded as good as this!


Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. STEREO DEBUTTHE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN The Animals #1 8/64 Stereo*
play 2. ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT The Kinks #7 12/64 Mono
play 3. NEW STEREO MIXI ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU Dusty Springfield #12 1/64 Stereo
play 4. STEREO DEBUTNAVY BLUE Diane Renay #6 1/64 Stereo*
play 5. CD STEREO DEBUTKISS ME SAILOR Diane Renay #29 4/64 Stereo
play 6. U.S. STEREO DEBUTWALKING IN THE RAIN The Ronettes #23 10/64 Stereo
play 7. DREAM LOVER The Paris Sisters #91 6/64 Mono
play 8. WALK—DON’T RUN ’64 The Ventures #8 7/64 Stereo
play 9. STEREO DEBUTPENETRATION The Pyramids #18 2/64 Stereo*
play 10. STEREO DEBUTSUSPICION Terry Stafford #3 2/64 Stereo*
play 11. EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY Dean Martin #1 6/64 Stereo
play 12. I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD Herman’s Hermits #13 10/64 Stereo
play 13. STEREO DEBUTYESTERDAY’S GONE Chad & Jeremy #21 5/64 Stereo
play 14. CD DEBUTSHE’S THE ONE The Chartbusters #33 7/64 Mono
play 15. G.T.O. Ronny & The Daytonas #4 8/64 Mono
play 16. THE NAME GAME Shirley Ellis #3 12/64 Stereo
play 17. STEREO DEBUTHAUNTED HOUSE Gene Simmons #11 8/64 Stereo*
play 18. STEREO DEBUTTWINE TIME Alvin Cash & The Crawlers #14 12/64 Stereo*
play 19. HARLEM SHUFFLE Bob & Earl #44 12/63 Stereo
play 20. ROCK ME BABY B.B. King #34 5/64 Stereo
play 21. STEAL AWAY Jimmy Hughes #17 6/64 Mono
play 22. UM, UM, UM, UM, UM, UM Major Lance #5 1/64 Stereo
play 23. MOUNTAIN OF LOVE Johnny Rivers #9 10/64 Stereo
play 24. U.S. CD DEBUTTHE FRENCH SONG Lucille Starr #54 5/64 Stereo
play 25. TODAY The New Christy Minstrels #17 4/64 Stereo
play 26. WALK AWAY Matt Monro #23 11/64 Stereo
play 27. U.S. CD DEBUTACROSS THE STREET (Is A Million Miles Away) Ray Peterson #106 12/64 Stereo
play 28. CD DEBUTHIGH ON A HILL Scott English #77 2/64 Mono
play 29. YOU DON’T OWN ME Lesley Gore #2 2/64 Stereo
*This track is presented in Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES), a technological advance that uses the original mono recording to produce an authentic stereo listening experience. Click here for more details

Chart positions taken from Joel Whitburn’s Record Research series of Billboard chart books.

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