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MONO ORIGINALS on Complete 60s #11959, Complete Instrumental Hits of 1959

The computer age has introduced highly sophisticated sound processing software that enables patient and expert audio engineers to create new, authentic stereo mixes from original mono recordings.

The most advanced technique and the one that usually produces the most satisfactory results is called DES for Digitally Extracted Stereo. Because most instruments and vocals often occupy fairly narrow, specific audio frequency ranges, it’s now possible in many cases to isolate guitars, drums, bass, strings, etc., and “extract” these elements into separate tracks which are then remixed into stereo. A well-done DES stereo mix will be indistinguishable from an original multi-track stereo mix and offers audiences a fresh, exciting listening experience, allowing them to enjoy their favorite songs in a way never before possible.

The actual DES process is much more complex than it sounds in this simple explanation, principally because the sounds of most instruments overlap with others. It requires an experienced sound engineer devoting substantial amounts of time and patience and often requires weeks or months to complete a single song.

The seven classic songs presented on this album for the first-time ever in stereo using the DES process (marked with an asterisk [*] on the track list) are the work of two very talented and dedicated engineers who spent in excess of 300 hours all told to make them perfect.

But much more important than this explanation is how YOU, the listener, experience the result of all this effort. Please listen carefully to the sound samples on this webpage and decide for yourself.

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