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Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Vol. 1 - 1960
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Complete Pop Instrumental Hits
of the Sixties, Vol. 1 – 1960
    Complete 60s Records


This CD is hard to find at any price. Unfortunately, our license to manufacture it expired several years ago and we currently have only a limited number of copies left. When they’re gone, this CD will be permanently out-of-print!


Complete 60s CD #11960     $39.98      Add to cart

No words can describe how great the inaugural release from Complete 60s Records is – because there are no words! This exciting new label from England is undertaking an unprecedented, decade-long project to compile every single Billboard Hot 100 instrumental hit of the 1960s. Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Vol. 1 – 1960 marks the beginning of a series of releases that will definitively document the decade when the pop instrumental genre truly reached its zenith.

Rock, rhythm ’n’ blues, country, and orchestral instrumental singles all vied for a spot in the Hot 100 weekly charts. Hundreds of them earned that coveted spot in history, and when this project is complete you’ll own them all in the order they peaked on the charts! That way, you can experience them the way the world did in 1960. You’ll hear how surf music evolved, how rock combos and orchestral arrangers influenced each other, and how easy listening emerged as a distinct sound during this golden decade.

The Ventures, Chet Atkins, Johnny & the Hurricanes, Percy Faith, Bill Black, Ferrante & Teicher – these giants of the genre are all here on Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Vol. 1 – 1960. But, so are Monty Kelly, the Ramblers, and Charles Wolcott. Who, you ask? All of them scored instrumental hits in 1960, none of which have ever been on CD before now. In fact, this 81-track, 3-CD set includes no less than 16 CD debuts and dozens of genuinely rare tracks – 45 in true stereo. That’s over three hours of music!

The research team at Complete 60s combed the vaults for the best possible sources for these wordless wonders, making sure to locate the original hit versions in true stereo whenever possible. Then, no less than three sound engineers carefully remastered the original recordings until the twangy guitars, pounding drums, and soaring strings practically leap out of your speakers. You’ll be speechless! Thank goodness, however, writer Greg Adams wasn’t at a loss for words. His detailed, 28-page liner notes include biographies of all 53 artists, plus release notes and chart information for every track.

The same creative folks who lovingly compile those great Eric CDs in the States are working on this project, so you know there’s the same commitment to high quality sound and an attention to detail missing from so many oldies collections. Why settle for less? Why take a chance with risky, off-brand, mediocre MP3 downloads of dubious origin? Simply put, if you love instrumentals (of any kind), Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties is the final word!


Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. SMOKIE (Part 2) Bill Black’s Combo #17 1/11/60 Mono
play 2. SMOKIE (Part 2) Bill Doggett #95 1/11/60 Mono
play 3. BONNIE CAME BACK Duane Eddy & The Rebels #26 1/18/60 Stereo
play 4. SKOKIAAN (South African Song) Bill Haley & His Comets #70 1/18/60 Stereo
play 5. TEENAGE HAYRIDE Tender Slim #93 1/18/60 Mono
play 6. HARLEM NOCTURNE The Viscounts #52 2/1/60 Mono
play 7. ONE MINT JULEP Chet Atkins #82 2/1/60 Stereo
play 8. AMAPOLA Jacky Noguez & His Orchestra #63 2/15/60 Mono
play 9. TRACY’S THEME Spencer Ross #13 2/22/60 Stereo
play 10. THE THEME FROM “A SUMMER PLACE” Percy Faith & His Orchestra #1 2/22/60 Stereo
play 11. ON THE BEACH Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra #47 2/22/60 Stereo
play 12. BULLDOG The Fireballs #24 2/29/60 Mono
play 13. TOO MUCH TEQUILA The Champs #30 2/29/60 Mono
play 14. TEENSVILLE Chet Atkins #73 2/29/60 Stereo
play 15. WEREWOLF The Frantics #83 2/29/60 Mono
play 16. A CLOSER WALK Pete Fountain #93 3/7/60 Stereo
play 17. WHATCHA’ GONNA DO Nat "King" Cole #92 3/14/60 Stereo
play 18. BEATNIK FLY Johnny & The Hurricanes #15 3/21/60 Stereo
play 19. CD DebutSUMMER SET Monty Kelly & His Orchestra #30 4/4/60 Stereo
play 20. CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO Ernie Fields Orchestra #54 4/4/60 Mono
play 21. CARAVAN Santo & Johnny #48 4/18/60 Stereo
play 22. SHAZAM! Duane Eddy & The Rebels #45 4/18/60 Stereo
play 23. WHITE SILVER SANDS Bill Black’s Combo #9 4/25/60 Mono
play 24. MR. LUCKY Henry Mancini & His Orchestra #21 5/2/60 Stereo
play 25. THE MADISON TIME (Part 1) The Ray Bryant Combo #30 5/16/60 Stereo
play 26. BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION Sir Chauncey & His Exciting Strings #89 5/16/60 Stereo
play 27. OOH POO PAH DOO (Part 2) Jessie Hill #28 5/23/60 Mono
play 28. NATIONAL CITY Joiner, Arkansas Junior High School Band #53 6/6/60 Mono
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. LA MONTANA (If She Should Come To You) Frank DeVol #77 6/20/60 Stereo
play 2. CD DebutLA MONTANA (If She Should
Come To You)
Roger Williams #98 6/6/60 Stereo
play 3. THEME FOR YOUNG LOVERS Percy Faith & His Orchestra #35 6/27/60 Stereo
play 4. THE THEME FROM “THE UNFORGIVEN” (The Need For Love) Don Costa & His Orchestra #27 7/4/60 Stereo
play 5. BECAUSE THEY’RE YOUNG Duane Eddy & The Rebels #4 7/4/60 Stereo
play 6. DOWN YONDER Johnny & The Hurricanes #48 7/4/60 Mono
play 7. CD DebutJOSEPHINE Bill Black’s Combo #18 7/18/60 Mono
play 8. LOOK FOR A STAR Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra #19 8/1/60 Stereo
play 9. THEME FROM ADVENTURES IN PARADISE Jerry Byrd #97 8/1/60 Stereo
play 10. CD DebutNIGHT TRAIN The Viscounts #82 8/8/60 Mono
play 11. BONGO BONGO BONGO Preston Epps #78 8/22/60 Stereo
play 12. WALK—DON’T RUN The Ventures #2 8/29/60 Stereo
play 13. Stereo CD DebutKOMMOTION Duane Eddy & The Rebels #78 8/29/60 Stereo
play 14. REVIVAL Johnny & The Hurricanes #97 8/29/60 Mono
play 15. VAQUERO (Cowboy) The Fireballs #99 8/29/60 Stereo
play 16. THEME FROM THE APARTMENT Ferrante & Teicher #10 9/5/60 Stereo
play 17. BEACHCOMBER Bobby Darin #100 9/5/60 Stereo
play 18. BRONTOSAURUS STOMP The Piltdown Men #75 9/19/60 Mono
play 19. ROCKING GOOSE Johnny & The Hurricanes #60 10/3/60 Mono
play 20. NEVER ON SUNDAY Don Costa & His Orchestra #19 10/24/60 Stereo
play 21. TEMPTATION Roger Williams #56 10/24/60 Stereo
play 22. THEME FROM THE SUNDOWNERS The Felix Slatkin Orchestra #70 10/24/60 Stereo
play 23. CD DebutMIDNIGHT LACE David Carroll & His Orchestra #98 10/24/60 Mono
play 24. CD DebutMIDNIGHT LACE Ray Ellis & His Orchestra #84 10/31/60 Mono
play 25. MIDNIGHT LACE (Part 1) Ray Conniff & His Orchestra #92 10/31/60 Stereo
play 26. U.S. CD DebutDON’T BE CRUEL Bill Black’s Combo #11 11/7/60 Mono
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 1. THE SUNDOWNERS Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra #51 11/7/60 Stereo
play 2. CD Debut(Theme From) THE SUNDOWNERS Mantovani & His Orchestra #93 11/7/60 Stereo
play 3. PETER GUNN Duane Eddy & The Rebels #27 11/14/60 Stereo
play 4. (Theme From) “THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS” Ernie Freeman #70 11/14/60 Stereo
play 5. NIGHT THEME The Mark II #75 11/21/60 Mono
play 6. LAST DATE Floyd Cramer #2 11/28/60 Stereo
play 7. RUBY DUBY DU Tobin Mathews & Co. #30 11/28/60 Mono
play 8. CD DebutRUBY DUBY DU (From “Key Witness”) Charles Wolcott &The MGM Studio Orch. #41 11/28/60 Mono
play 9. CD DebutSTRANGER FROM DURANGO Richie Allen #90 11/28/60 Mono
play 10. GONZO James Booker #43 12/5/60 Mono
play 11. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Johnny & The Hurricanes #91 12/5/60 Stereo
play 12. LAST DATE Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra #21 12/12/60 Stereo
play 13. CD DebutBLUE TANGO Bill Black’s Combo #16 12/19/60 Mono
play 14. CD DebutRAMBLING The Ramblers #73 12/19/60 Mono
play 15. PERFIDIA The Ventures #15 12/26/60 Stereo
play 16. TWISTIN’ BELLS Santo & Johnny #49 12/31/60 Mono
play 17. CD Debut(Let’s Do) THE HULLY GULLY TWIST Bill Doggett #66 12/31/60 Mono
Listen Track Title Artist Chart Date Stereo
play 18. THE CLOUDS The Spacemen #41 11/16/59 Mono
play 19. IN THE MOOD Ernie Fields Orchestra #4 11/23/59 Mono
play 20. REVEILLE ROCK Johnny & The Hurricanes #25 12/14/59 Stereo
play 21. TEAR DROP Santo & Johnny #23 12/21/59 Mono
play 22. (Theme From) “THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS” Chet Atkins #103 10/17/60 Stereo
play 23. FOREVER The Little Dippers #9 3/28/60 Stereo
play 24. U.S. CD DebutTHE MADISON Al Brown #23 5/16/60 Mono
play 25. 77 SUNSET STRIP Don Ralke #69 4/27/59 Mono
play 26. CD Debut77 SUNSET STRIP (Alternate Stereo Version) Don Ralke Stereo
play 27. RED RIVER ROCK Johnny & The Hurricanes #5 9/7/59 Mono

Chart positions taken from Joel Whitburn’s Record Research series of Billboard chart books.

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